I’d like to start with a story Professor Paul Gilbert shared in a talk that I think will help explain why a therapist who specializes in helping people recover from plastic surgery is talking to you today about mindfulness. 

Woman was rushing around at work, tripped on the stairs and knocked herself out. While she was unconscious she had a vision that she went to heaven and she saw God. She said Oh no, I’m done for. God said, oh no, no, but you do need to be more compassionate and treat yourself with kindness and take care of yourself. So when she woke up, she decided to make changes in her life. She ate healthier, exercised, went on retreat and even decided to have plastic surgery. She came out of her surgery but was sadly run over by a bus. So she ends up back in heaven and said “God, you told me I had 40 years left!” and God said “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t recognize you!

This story makes me consider - what would I do to care for myself if I knew I had 40 years left. What happened to the lady when she received the message to be more compassionate and treat herself with kindness? What would happen to you if you received a similar message?

Watch the video here: (2:17 minutes)

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