“In the search for the “holy grail” for
self-management programs that can promote a behavior change, mindfulness and MI seem promising for cultivating a way to live a life in which people are fully preseent.”

- Robert Benzo, Mayo Clinic Mindful Breathing Laboratory

Kathleen Lisson labyrinth
“Patients with chronic conditions must make daily choices about how to best self-manage their illness ... mindfulness practices can enhance self-efficacy in behavior and lifestyle management”
-Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Advanced Nursing Practice:
A Nonpharmacologic Approach to Health Promotion,
Chronic Disease Management, and Symptom Control

“the cultivation of mindfulness, involving acceptance and nonjudgment of present-moment experience, often results in transformative health behavior change”

Mindfulness and Behavior Change. Harvard review of psychiatry

Are you a health coach with a mindfulness practice? Would you like to share some easy mindfulness strategies with your clients?

Perhaps you're a health coach that hasn't added mindfulness to your self-care yet, but wants to learn more about it? Either way, this free class is a great way to learn more about how to use mindfulness to help our clients get better results.

Would starting your sessions off with a few minutes of mindfulness allow your client to deeply focus on what they want to get out of coaching? 

The first few sessions with a client can be nerve wracking. Would starting your sessions off with a few minutes of mindfulness allow you as a coach to be more grounded in the present moment and improve your ability to mirror your client and provide active and reflective listening?

You'll never know unless you try. Take the class, try the interventions with your clients, and share your results with us!

The Fine Print

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, health coaches will have knowledge of short mindfulness practices that may assist clients in motivational interviewing and behavior change. 

LEARNING OUTCOME: Students will demonstrate how they can share a short mindfulness intervention with health coaching clients.

Course Objectives:

List and describe several mindfulness techniques

List and describe the aspects of mindfulness

List and describe several mindfulness techniques that help during motivational interviewing

List a mindfulness technique that helps with anxiety before surgery

List and describe two components of MBSR

Your final assignment: Record a video under 5 minutes demonstrating a mindfulness intervention.

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