How many times have you thought to yourself, "I wish I had time to ________."

Where ________ is …

Figure out once and for all what fibrosis is and how compression can help.

Figure out WHAT HAPPENED (probably) when a client went to another lymphatic massage therapist (that one in town that offers discounts, of course) for 3 or 4 or 5 massages and “nothing really happened.”

Figure out how some therapists grab client trust on the very first visit and get clients to rebook (it’s because they know more than just how to give a lymphatic massage). 

That time is now.

Invest in yourself because there WILL be a day this summer where a potential client calls you. 

Maybe she has a lump by her belly button and it’s not going away.

Maybe her surgeon didn’t have the right size garment so they gave her the next size up. 

Maybe she had surgery a few months ago, before the quarantine, and her lumpiness is not going away. 

She’s going to ask if you can help her. 

In that moment, you’ll feel one of two things.

Ready to make a difference for yet another client because you REALLY know what fibrosis is and have the tools you need to take care of it. 

Or …

Pretty confident in your massage skills but not so confident about compression. But you’ll give it a try. I'm sure the client's current compression garment is doing well enough.

The 'How can compression reduce swelling and fibrosis?' class was made for that moment. 

(This course does NOT cover fibrosis massage techniques. That's in the Plastic Surgery Recovery Massage class).

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Hi, I’m Kathleen Lisson

I'm board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. I own Solace Massage and Mindfulness, taught classes at IPSB Massage College in San Diego, and am the author of Plastic Surgery Recovery Handbook. I am a NCBTMB Approved Provider and hold a Bachelors of Applied Science degree in Massage Therapy.

More importantly, I get client reviews like:

“As much as her kindness, supportive and funny nature is well worth the 5 five stars alone, 

I also achieved incredible results after each visit. 

My swelling noticeably went down each time, 

leading to less pain and

resulted in better results, more quickly.”