Pre-Class Reading

Watch this video - how does fibrosis feel?

Fibrosis: “The Renuvion device is FDA cleared for the purpose of soft tissue coagulation”

The article 'High-definition liposculpture: what are the complications and how to manage them?' has photographs of 'liposuction burn' and photos of abdominal etching (we try to preserve these 'six pack' lines on the client).

The article 'Liposuction zones of adherence' shows photos of contour deformities that result from incorrect liposuction.

'Unfavourable outcomes of liposuction and their management' shows a variety of client complaints.

Watch Anatomy of the torso (5:46)

Anne Williams offers definitions for thixotropy, viscoelasticity, piezoelectricity, adhesiveness, and tensegrity in the article here:

Layers of the Abdominal Wall - Dr. Craig Canby (4:42 minutes)

Let’s take a look at Campers’ and Scarpa’s fascia in these videos: (:33 sec) (:30 seconds) (:09 seconds). 


Public Slides for Plastic Surgery Myofascial and Fibrosis Massage LIVE_2021.pdf
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